Babe, a waitress in the Village gets pregnant. Her boyfriend , Hal gets scared. Two years into Roe versus Wade, homeless Babe must make a decision. Have a baby? Don't have a baby.

Full Moon and High Tide in the Ladies Room

Directed by Marcia Haufrecht

Michele Wiles, former principal dancer of American Ballet Theatre, is about to give birth to her first child.

Wiles is a top athlete and artist in her field, but like any other woman she faces the exhilaration and anxiety that comes along with the milestone of starting a family.


Directed by Stacey Menchel Kussell

This romantic road drama, set in the desert, is focused on Effi, a 33-year-old soon-to-be mother. As a woman expecting her first child, Effi planned the birth meticulously. There’s just one thing she forgot: To tell her partner she has no intention to give birth at the hospital, like they agreed, but at their home, more than an hour away from the nearest medical center.

I'm Not Dead

Directed by Elian Lazovsky, Yuval Erez

In this romantic comedy short, two friends attempt to define their relationship during opening night of their college production of Much Ado About Nothing.

(Much Ado About) Literally Nothing

Directed by Eva Neuwirth

American Love follows Maria, an undocumented person, in the 24 hours after losing her job. While out to dinner with her boyfriend, their waitress accuses Maria of stealing a tip-off a table. A simple misunderstanding quickly escalates into a life-threatening situation. 

American Love

Directed by Calyx Deroche

In the wake of the #metoo movement, a survivor at James Madison University becomes a powerful advocate on campus after her own assault case gets handled in all the wrong ways.


Directed by Claire Downey

12-year-old Marcela finds an airmail letter that she suspects may be from her absent father, who left Mexico to go to The United States. Her brother Rogelio, betrayed by his father’s absence takes the letter from Marcela. In order to learn more about her father, she must convince Rogelio she is ready to read what’s inside the letter.

The Letter 

Directed by Jazmin Aguilar

A devoted sister is given a chance at saving her brother’s life when she discovers the first ever auction of a human heart.

The Auction

Directed by Alia Tompkins

Eighty-six-year-old Elizabeth Rapley has sponsored ninety-two refugees since 1979, helping them resettle in Canada. At a time of global refugee crisis, this short documentary explores the everyday facets of extraordinary acts of offering and seeking refuge.

Strangers Ourselves Directed by Lora Murray

California’s South Asian Punjabi women share their extraordinary life stories over the last century in dramatic eyewitness accounts and rare archival footage. Pioneer women describe their extensive contributions to peach farming and to the revival of the religious and cultural life in northern California, especially Yuba City. Younger women try to balance their professional ambitions with their family duties, culture and faith.

Walking into the Unknown

Directed by Nicole Ranganath

A group of Muslim trans women stand their ground against social marginalization in secular Malaysia. Redefining femininity in Islam they are painting painting their own portrayal of womanhood.

Passage to Womanhood

Directed by Inaya Yusuf

Shalmali, a writer, wards off a gossipy neighbour trying to get too close for her comfort by telling her a story she has written. But as the spine-chilling story progresses to become more and more bizarre, the neighbour, standing in for the audience, is so befuddled; she is forced to question the “truth” of her story. 

Red Velvet

Directed by Dikssha Routray

An amateur female gamer is given a once in a lifetime opportunity to try out for a pro league gaming team, only to be repressed by self-doubt.


Directed by Searit Huluf

An aspiring actress leaves her small town in search of fame, fortune and a place to live.

LA Hustle

Directed by Charissa Sanjarernsuithikul 

A young woman's night changes direction after a downward spiral of self examination.


Directed by Megan Chumbley

When Heather decides to lose her virginity for her 15th birthday, Mom’s wife must convince Mom, and Mom’s ex, and Mom’s ex’s partner that it’s time for Heather to have “the talk”. Which mom is ready to help Heather make a big decision? It’s a mother-daughter story. Times four.

Heather Has Four Moms

Directed by Jeanette Buck

When elevators get stuck, Trina is the overweight dispatch operator on the other end of the emergency line.

Trina’s job gets the best of her as she tries to complete just one day of healthy eating. Harassed by her cruel boss and overwhelmed by the trapped elevator occupants that reach out to her for help, her only escape is Lola, a fitness guru who she desperately tries to emulate.


Directed by Angela Matemotja 


The Women's Museum of California hosts this multi-day festival annually in an effort to provide female storytellers a platform to share their work, connect with each other and a uniquely supportive audience. 




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